Saturday, 9 July 2011

blogging :D

I'm back blogging :D ! , again ? probably just for today only :P ! im so lazy to blog , no actually is i forget leyy. Well anyways, school was busy, everyday we have been rushing. Secondary school life is always in a rush, in two years time would be O'levels. Common test is coming in week 7 , Gonna start studying in week 3 ? so i have time to prepare myself for everything , not like MIDYEAR which my results suck like mad.
Happy for this too!
; getting data plan for my iphoney !
; Jailbreak !
; Buy new cover !
; Jingwen's B'dae 26july <3 :D
> but its i guess common test week ? o.o isit ? no right >< ! common test is during august yeah ! ><
kayy byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ feel good after blogging :D

Friday, 17 June 2011

shutup PLEASE I BEG you , you are seriously hopeless when you start nagging , even people beside me that are hearing it does find it hopeless and killing too -.- seriously irritating uncle you can you stop nagging for once !? a day at least -.- , dont hope for school reopen fast because i haven completed my homework but nao , i hope for it t end fast and i will be rushing my homework from nao onwards -.- fcuk .

Monday, 30 May 2011

- back !

BORED BORED BORED ! okay as you people can see holidays are here again :D? okay , this is a really busy one due to GUIDES GUIDES GUIDES ! camp on friday sighh , camp challenge ! hope won't disgrace north div or won't drag others down because of my irresponsibility or whatever ! anyway ! , i suck seriously for my mid-year -.- ! it was low like hell please T^T sigh ! i shall start working doubly hard ! JIAYOUS MISS BERBER LAU ! kay whatever ! luck for me in success for most things in life :D !


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

common test !

HELLO PEEPO - actually nobody -.- ! well anyway ! just noticed that i didn't post for not long ? i guess :D ! okay  anyway ! common tests are here ? yeah ? super bored lo ! they are such pests !
x cleared english
x mother tongue
x literature
x geography
x history
left : science and maths ! gotta buck up start mugging more ! ESPECIALLY FOR SCIENCE !
i want to get A1 D: please like please D: well anyway shall stop posting more viewers please D:
bye !

Sunday, 26 December 2010


     HELLO! :D sorry for not posting for a certain time anyway no one views my blog what ? :D !
     Had been watching ; YUNHANAM ; SHINee :D ! its a nice show where they date girls :D !
    Caught up to a new guy too - SEUNGHYUN :D ! from FT.Island (: ! okay shall stop here ! look at those faces above man :D ! GO GO ! FIGHTING !

Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I want a new refreshed blog ! i want a nice blogskin ! i want a well designed blog !
I want to travel around the world ! i want to eat ice-cream ! i want to eat delicious stuffs !
I want to study hard ! i want to get good grades ! i want to have respect to everyone !
I have so many i wants ! I WANT SHINee ! I WANT U-KISS ! -.- !
> what i did for this holiday ; housework , nothing else -.- !

Monday, 29 November 2010

craves !

all the delicacies above OMG ! <3 craves ;
> Classy ice-creamm :D
> A piece of cake :D
ah ! i want them ): , when can i have such a good life x: . nah !
i should be contented that i have such a EXCELLENT family , awesome friends
and much more ^^ . i almost get most of things i want , not all but MOST !
i am happy ! :D ! gonna go out tomorrow w grandmama xD
today did some housework ^^ hehe , anws DRAGON BOATING WAS AWESOME ! (26o11o1o)
HAHA ! Free much this month ): might be rotting if not , occupied !
YAY :D , today i did something wrong .. sorry .. anyway shall post ,
when i am free okay goodbye LOVES ~ SHINee <3